Anonymous crypto-exchange
with unique
Any 2 Any technology

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Commission from 0.01%

In many trading pairs we have just 0.01% trading fees. Plus, by using A2A tokens you can get a 50% discount.

trade pairs

A2A technology allows you to trade between any tokens on the exchange, providing direct cross rates.

Input / output from 60 seconds

Inputs and outputs on are performed as quickly as possible, because we use our full nodes for each blockchain.

24/7 support

Forget those times when you had to wait for a response from support for months.

Trust management

The Professional Master Account (PMA) system allows traders and investors to earn money with maximum security in a trusted environment.

Stoploss, Take Profit, Trailing Stop

The terminal is designed by professional traders to help you trade profitably.


Cloud.API allows you to create your own exchange with our technologies and receive 50% from commissions.

Dividend Token 50x

All exchange profits are distributed among 50X token holders.

Advanced Security Features cares about the safety of your funds and provides advanced features for account control.

Withdraw optional Google Auth

Usually 2FA is stored on the phone that you use daily - it is convenient, but it is not safe.
Through vulnerabilities in the system, disguised malicious applications that you yourself installed (flashlight for example) can gain access to the 2FA secret key. Losing your device and phishing can also be a reason why some one get your secret key.
Just install the additional 2FA on the phone you are not using, put it in a safe place and do not connect to the Internet. Without it, no one can withdraw your funds.

Withdrawal delay

Withdrawal orders are executed after the set delay time, up to this point they can be canceled.


Master Key is a one-time access tool to activate emergency tokens withdrawals from your account to your Emergency Withdrawal Addresses (EWA).
In case the regular authentication method with password and OTP is lost or not working for any reason, Master Key will help you to withdraw your funds and re-open the account with a new password/OTP.


Most people do not realize that KYC is a huge security hole.
If you are able to restore access to your account by providing your ID, passphrase etc., that also means that hackers can do the same. Once they got access to your email account (a protection level is much lower for emails) - they got all your communications, documents, they know all about you - and therefore can provide necessary private data to bypass 2FA on your exchange.
On all account recovery functions are automated and use blockchain-like crypto solutions to identify the owner of the account. Our support team has no access to your funds, and we created a new fully automated token recovery system.

EWA - emergency wallets

Someone got your account details and logged in? Having problems accessing your account? Need to override a security withdrawal delay?
Emergency Withdrawal Address (EWA) is the address in each blockchain for all tokens you have on your account, where your tokens will be sent automatically if you activate Emergency Account Termination. Ideally, your own cold wallet address.
To withdraw all tokens from your account, simply enter your Login and Master Key on our Website. It can't be used to steal your tokens because the tokens will be sent to YOUR ADDRESSES that were set on your account and protected by Withdrawal Delay from being changed.

Any 2 Any technology

How it works?

The result of a three-year development of the team was an innovative trading core based on cloud technology and the quantum principles of combining orders: although the concepts of a trading pair are preserved at the user level, and the interface is completely identical. With regular exchange, all orders within the core exist in one space and do not have a solid communication between the seller and the buyer, combining the maximum number of orders in all trading assets at the same time.
It is impossible to confidently predict the progress after added Another order, since any new order adds liquidity to part of the system, thereby changing its state and topology. The same effect is observed in quantum physics, where the presence of an observer changes the results of an experiment. Only users benefit from this, since the system often finds more profitable options when executing another order.


Direct trade between coins

Greater profit potential

Multiple increase in liquidity


Trust Management - PMA

Are you a successful trader?

Increase profits through a professional Master account!

The platform is the easiest way to open your own professional Master account.
No organizational or ongoing costs.
Create your Master Account and manage other people's coins for a share in the profit.

  • + An honest profit sharing model.
  • + Built-in protection for traders and users.

Professional trade terminal

Our mobile-compatible terminal is designed by professional traders and has built-in functions for tracking trading positions that help you trade profitably.

  • + Editing Orders
  • + Stoploss, Take Profit, Trailing Stop
  • + Integrated trader log and accounting book
  • + Position management and analytics
  • + Customizable UI colors
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